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My works fall into five categories; Novels, Novelas, Novelettes, Short stories and Flash fiction.

Novels:  Beneath Despair:   28 Days with Kai:   Blinds Eye.

Novellas:  Emily's Tree:   Vegetare:   Market Time:

Novelettes:  The Watchers and the Doers:   The Bookworm.
Short Stories:  Hard Lesson:   Lancaster Cottage:   The Clairvoyant:   Fate is a Movie.  

Flash Fiction:  Monologue:   Heading for Trouble:   Thirty-six Hours:   The Kings Men:   Perspective.

 Beneath Despair cover.jpg

Beneath Despair


The future of humanity lies in the hands of the robots, and they're doing a good job. However, you can have too much of a good thing; and it turns out that it's harder to turn them off than you think.
There is a way, but it entails a journey that no one anticipated.
A secret government plot, betrayal, a fight for humanity, a long, long journey. Will anyone survive?

Coming Autumn 2024

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The world we see when we open our eyes in the morning is not all it seems.

Life, time, and the dimension in which we live are fluid and interconnected.

If we could share and interact with those other worlds

our understanding of true life would be complete.


This is a true story, written as it was revealed to me.
But then, something else happened, something I didn't expect.​​

Coming Autumn 2024

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Blinds Eye



The life of a child is sacred, or at least it should be.

The life of the innocent manipulated by the government. A family is thrown into chaos, leading to impossible opportunities and dangerous missions, a secret no one must discover, or everyone will die. 

Cover coming soon. Novel coming Autumn 2024

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